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What's in a name? Naming Day ceremonies
are a great way to find out!

Naming Day ceremonies offer a civil, non-religious alternative to Christenings. They serve to welcome new life into the world and introduce your special new addition to your family and friends in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. From the time, location and

content of your ceremony, each Naming Day ceremony is fully customised to suit your wants and needs.

Together, we can acknowledge the important family members and friends who will play a significant role in your new baby’s life and unpack the true history, origins and meaning of the name, tracing back through family history to uncover the important qualities that make your baby special. Naming Day ceremonies also provide the opportunity to appoint special mentors or guardians, who will guide your baby through their social, emotional and moral development, and take a special interest in their life.


Planning your naming day

To book a Naming Day, please complete a Booking Form and pay your deposit to secure a date. We will meet up for a coffee and a babychino to discuss what you hope to achieve during the ceremony. For example, you might like to include a special ritual, such as a wishing well or tree planting, or readings by family or friends, as a part of the ceremony.

I will take the time to get to know you and your family, including your special little babe, and craft a ceremony that encapsulates the love and joy that your new baby has brought into your life.


The ceremony

I will arrive early and set up my high-quality Bose S1 Pro speaker system and make sure you’re ready to go. If you have someone arranged to play the music for your ceremony, I will help them to connect to my speaker using Bluetooth and let them know to watch for my cues.

Baby’s crying? No stress, I’m flexible! We’ll start the ceremony whenever you’re ready. Once the ceremony is over, I’ll be off on my way. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day!


Optional extras

Would you like a commemorative certificate? I can design one that reflects your ceremony and have it professionally printed, ready for the day. Let me give you a quote.

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