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Looking for a customised ceremony?

Save The Date Celebrations can craft ceremonies for any special occasion:

Commitment ceremonies

A commitment ceremony is a non-legal alternative to marriage. It provides the opportunity to declare your love for each other in front of your family and friends and commit to your life together, without the legal paperwork. This ceremony is perfect for those who have been married before, and don’t want the fuss or expense of another wedding.

Vow renewals

A vow renewal ceremony is a great way to acknowledge and reaffirm the promises and commitments you once made to each other. This non-legal ceremony is great for wedding anniversaries.


Naming ceremonies

Naming Day ceremonies offer a civil, non-religious alternative to Christenings. They serve to welcome new life into the world and introduce your special new addition to your family and friends in a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. From the time, location and content of your ceremony, each Naming Day ceremony is fully customised to suit your wants and needs.

Together, we can acknowledge the important family members and friends who will play a significant role in your new baby’s life and unpack the true history, origins and meaning of the name, tracing back through family history to uncover the important qualities that make your baby special. Naming Day ceremonies also provide the opportunity to appoint special mentors or guardians, who will guide your baby through their social, emotional and moral development, and take a special interest in their life.

Other celebrations

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, engagement, anniversary or retirement, Save The Date Celebrations can craft a customised and personalised ceremony to add a sense of ceremony to any celebration. Want a detailed and organised run-sheet and script to follow during your special event? Need an emcee to host your big occasion? Or you just need a hand writing the perfect speech to share with someone special to you? I can help! 

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