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Sanchia + Tim | Pallamallawa Wedding

Sanchia saw Timmy as a "good mate." But Tim? He'd had his eye on her from the start. Between his motto of "persistence beats resistance" and their weekly trips to the Rowena pub, Tim eventually wore Sanchia down. Bit by bit, her clothes moved from her house to his, and by the time Tim had to clean out one of his wardrobes, they figured it meant they were accidentally dating.

On a trip to Hervey Bay, Tim bought Sanchia a ring, while she started planning her fairytale wedding, and on Christmas Day in 2021, Tim asked Sanchia to be his wife.

Three months later, they were married.

Come behind the scenes of Sanchia and Tim's relaxed country wedding.

The vision

Sanchia and Tim wanted to keep things simple. As a relaxed country couple, they planned their wedding on a farm close to Tim's heart - he grew up on the neighbouring property and had spent a lot of time with the Pring family.

Sanchia used Pinterest to get an idea of what she wanted things to look like, though they kept decorations to a minimum.

Sanchia and Tim had lots of amazing friends and worked with fantastic local businesses who all pitched in and brought their vision to life in just over three months. After choosing a date, their main priority was securing a celebrant.

"We wanted the best, so this was a non-negotiable."

Sanchia and Tim locked in their venues for the ceremony and reception, then found a photographer, florist, hairdresser, make-up artist and cake. "A great photographer and a full proper meal for our guests was important to us," they said.

Once they had sorted the big ticket items, they sent out their invites and went shopping for dresses, jewellery, shoes, suits and decorations.

"Our vision played out exactly as we hoped."

The wedding

Sanchia and Tim couldn't have asked for a more perfect day. The predicted rain held off until after the ceremony, and their ceremony was scattered with special stories and readings from people who loved them.

"Having my godfather walk me halfway down the aisle and hearing Tim's vows for the first time was really special."

Although they forgot to eat a piece together, Sanchia and Tim cut their cake as soon as they arrived at the reception and got straight into speeches and their first dance before meals were served. "The Drumstick ice-creams for dessert were also a highlight."

The honeymoon

After their wedding, Sanchia and Tim hit the road and headed to Queensland's Whitsundays.

"COVID restrictions were only just lifting, and we didn't want to get stuck overseas."

They spent two nights at Airlie Beach and four nights at Daydream Island before heading down to their favourite spot, Hervey Bay. "One of the highlights was definitely the sea plane tour of Whitehaven Beach and the Great Barrier Reef," Sanchia said. "It was amazing to see it from the air, and if you’re pressed for time or get sea sick it’s much better than going via boat for each destination."

The takeaways

Married life brought some huge changes for Sanchia and Tim - firstly with a big move to the Kimberley region in Western Australia, and then with the arrival of their little man, Clayton, who has recently turned one.

Their main advice to couples getting married is "it's your day, so have it your way."

"I would hire the photographer for the whole event, so you don’t have to rush things and you’re not on a schedule to get things done by a certain time."

Sanchia and Tim loved having a first look and photos with their bridal party in the olive grove on the property before the ceremony. If they had their time over, they'd plan a few more shots they'd like for their first look, but overall, they'd highly recommend it to anyone getting married.

"It really helped ease our nerves."

The team

Bridesmaids: St Frock

Reception: The Pally Pub

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