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"Tegan was the dream celebrant for us" | Chantelle & Ben

Looking for a celebrant who creates a ceremony that reflects you as a couple perfectly? Who includes your children in the ceremony and the preparation for the big day? Who is supportive and can guide you through absolutely everything, even the things you haven’t thought of?

Look no further than Tegan from Save The Date Celebrations. She is definitely your lady.

Photos by Bam Peppernell

We can’t recommend Tegan enough.

She was the dream celebrant for us. She created the most beautiful ceremony for us and included our children in the most perfect way.

She was even able to change things up when our youngest surprised us with a little extra in emotions.

We can’t thank Tegan enough and recommend her to anyone who is looking for a celebrant.

-- Chantelle & Ben, 31 December 2022


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